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UG Admission -Panskura Banamali College(Autonomous)

Session: 2019-2020

Panskura R.S., Purba Medinipur, West Bengal

Important Dates & Requirement

UG Admission Notice, 2019-2020

Important Dates and Requirements for Online Admission

A. Application

i. Apply through and also available in college website

ii. Submission of Online Application form for admission starts on 28.05.2019.

iii. Last date of submission of Online Application form 07.06.2019.

iv. Application fees deposited through bank challan (Punjab National Bank) or online within banking hours of 07.06.2019.

v. Candidates may apply 03 subjects at a time.

vi. Details of application procedure is available on admission portal.

B. Publication of Provisional Merit List and Admission [ UG Hons. & General]

i. Publication of provisional list - 10.06.2019.

ii. Any objection/correction: Candidates should mail to with all supporting documents from 11.06.2019 to 13.06.2019 up to 3.30 pm.

iii. Publication of final provisional merit list - 15.06.2019.

C. Selection List Publication and Admission [ UG Hons.]

iv. Publication of 1st selection list - 15.06.2019.

v. Admission from 1st selection list - 17.06.2019 to 18.06.2019.

vi. Publication of 2nd selection list - 20.06.2019.

vii. Admission from 2nd selection list - 21.06.2019 to 22.06.2019.

viii. Publication of 3rd selection list - 25.06.2019.

ix. Admission from 3rd selection list - 26.06.2019 to 27.06.2019.

x. Publication of 4th selection list -28.06.2019.if required.

xi. Admission from 4th selection list - 01.07.2019 to 02.07.2019.

xii. Publication of 5th selection list -03.07. 2019.if required.

xiii. Admission from 5th selection list - 04.07.2019 to 05.07.2019.

xiv. Publication of 6th selection list - 09.07. 2019.if required.

xv. Admission from 6th selection list - 10.07.2019 to 11.07.2019.

D. Selection list Publication and Admission [ UG General Course]

i. General course 1st list admission- 24.06.2019 to 25.06.2019

ii. General course 2nd selection list- 28.06.2019

iii. General course 2nd list admission- 29.06.2019 to 01.07.2019

iv. General course 3rd list admission- 03.07.2019 to 04.07.2019

v. General course 4th list admission- 11.07.2019 to 12.07.2019