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UG Admission -Panskura Banamali College(Autonomous)

Panskura R.S., Purba Medinipur, West Bengal

Session: 2021-2022

Important Dates & Requirement

A. Online Application

i. Apply through online at: and also available in college website


ii. Submission of Online Application form for admission: on and from 02.08.2021 to 27.08.2021.

iii. Last date of submission of Online Application form 27.08.2021.

iv. Candidates may apply for 03 different subjects at a time, (either Honours or General).

v. Details of application procedure is available on admission portal.

B. Publication of Provisional Merit List and Admission [ UG Hons. & General]

i. Publication of provisional list- 28.08.2021.

ii. Any objection / correction: Candidates should mail to with all supporting documents from 28.08.2021 to 30.08.2021 within 3.00 pm.

C. Publication of Selection List and Admission [ UG Hons. Course]

iv. Publication of 1st selection list – 31.08.2021.

v. Admission from 1st selection list – 31.08.2021 to 01.09.2021.

vi. Publication of 2nd selection list – 03.09.2021.

vii. Admission from 2nd selection list – 03.09.2021 to 04.09.2021.

viii. Publication of 3rd selection list – 07.09.2021.

ix. Admission from 3rd selection list – 07.09.2021 to 08.09.2021.

x. Publication of 4th selection list -10.09.2021, if required.

xi. Admission from 4th selection list – 10.09.2021 to 11.09.2021.

xii. Publication of 5th selection list -14.09.2021, if required.

xiii. Admission from 5th selection list – 14.09.2021 to 15.09.2021.

xiv. Publication of 6th selection list – 17.09.2021, if required.

xv. Admission from 6th selection list – 17.09.2021 to 18.09.2021.

D. Publication of Selection list and Admission [ UG General Course]

i. Publication of General course 1st selection list- 31.08.2021

ii. General course 1st list admission- 01.09.2021 to 08.09.2021

iii. Publication of General course 2nd selection list- 10.09.2021

iv. General course 2nd list admission- 10.09.2021 to 11.09.2021

v. Publication of General course 3rd selection list- 14.09.2021

vi. General course 3rd list admission- 14.09.2021 to 15.09.2021,

vii. Publication of General course 4th selection list- 17.09.2021, if required.

viii. General course 4th list admission- 17.09.2021 to 18.09.2021

Note: Date may be changed with out prior notice. Candidates are requested to check this page regularly for any updates.